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Yes,it appears to be so that Microsoft have tumbled, The Pentagons Ace.
Artificial inteligence systems that the world relies upon are faultless logic gates and electrical highways , and by definition cannot be anything else, this is the faultless infrastructure of our highway that serves billions, if not everybody, on this planet.There is no way you can change the laws of mathematics and physics to suit your self, yet it seems that Microsoft have done just that, and it seems to be the tip of the iceberg, that a small chip in the armory, HAS REVEALED MASSIVE WIDE SPREAD CORRUPTUION AND FIDDLES IN ALL SECTORS OF COMMERCE AND BIG BUSINESS referancing no less a rotten apple, in a virus besoted infrastructure that is known as Microsoft itself.
The paranoia and immediate emergency measures and contingency security measures required to cover up such as small crack/misdenemour in Microsofts operations, did not manage to find the appropriate button to push, itself not having predicted this minor error. The last lines of defence to eliminate threat, of course school tie connections with the president, and a small miltary defence move, from what DOESNT SEEM TO FAR FETCHED AS Bill,s veryown U.S. ARMED FORCES, seem ,for some reason, to have missed their target.Elimination and coverup of this fly in the ointment elusively AND DISASTEROUSLY failed, because it was on the very bottom of the pile of what HAS BEEN DISCOVERED SINCE,a massive pile of neccessary eliminations, i.e, it seems, ABOUT 80% OF THE HUMAN RACE , IF NOT MORE.OH MY WHAT A CALAMITY. So used to pushing buttons to eliminate threats to their so called security, under the guise of national defence interests,with watertight security, that they did not expect ever to be tumbled for operating a crooked, bent operation.Yes ,all this time they have been using this machimne for personnel gain and their own interests. Well let,s face it, when you are so powerful you can kill who ever you want to, there is little chance of evidence coming to light.
That these artificial and electronic systems have been being used by these organizations, of course, they were on the face of it, using perfect logic, but behind the scenes, they were operating illogical dirty departments to back up the foundations of an otherwise logical system. Because perhaps the full 100% logical computer systems are not to their advantage.To maintain the most powerful tool Man has known, in government hands, away from the eyes of the free indevidual.They required basically,the shooting/eliminating of the oposition, and the preventing of any logical software or users from processing info in cyberspace.
The goverments and states of course are operating illegally without any right whatsoever to the power and government of a land.They do not want loose their"Money".A criminal operation/Firm, Obviously this Busts itself, as truth is the product of a logical system,Simalarly truth drugs, used for brain washing are OK to a limited degree, but have been known to bite the hand that feed,s. i.e.grassing up the whole damn manufacturers top secret recipe to the citizens themselves.So it has been realized by the brainwashing proganda machine of this brand of system, that it is hit back, annialated by its own truth.IT has diagnosed and delivered suicide, as its computational answer to the program of mankind.
The system has been caught altering the buttons of electronic systems to suit itself at the highest levels, from big banks, insurance giants, and Microsoft Head Office itself..This is the end, if this is seen to be done, and emergency cover-ups are very revealing, adding massive evidence,s of something amiss.Very panic-emergency clumsy cover-up operations compounded the evidence, and now there is a compelling case to answer, which will no less than topple the system on the current evidence.Without this matter coming to light,it is not much better either, because it is simply not possible to do what is, and has been done, in an electronic artificial inteligence machine, which IS our computerized world. If you CHANGE THE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS FOR JUST ONE PERSON, YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO CHANGE IT FOR ALL PEOPLE.THE IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS TO REMOVE HUMAN FALLIBILITY FROM OPERATIONS,IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE THE ELECTRONIC WAY OF DOING THINGS JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS FAT ,OR SMELLS, OR HASNT HAD A WASH.When massive multinationals, CORPORATIONS, ARE KNOWN TO HAVE TUMBLED THEIR ENTIRE NETWORKS FOR REASONS SUCH AS THIS, AND THE MASS HYSTERIA AND SCHIZOPHRENIC PROFILES OF EMPLOYERS IN THE HUGE OFFICE COMPLEX ARE TRIGGERRED, THE LOT COMES TUMBLING DOWN,AS IS CURRENTLY THE CASE AT MICROSOFT Head office.
They were false alarmed to press buttons in a massive way, to remedy a situation that was none existance, deliverring feedback on the CHAIN OF COMMAND AND EVENTS,OF THIS CIRCUMSTANCE.Clearly shining a light,on perhaps the most crooked human activity man has ever known.Indeed as many people have indicated, Microsoft itself and Bill Gates was right in there up to their necks in "Shit" on this one.
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