Digital World is Extinct

Digital Metaphysics  

 The machine does not exist.It makes sense anyway that we are  biological nature,not a machine.The smart grid on which civilization is based therefore does not exist.We are earth ecology.
The software update to the human smart grid  in the last 50 years to a digital electronics is taken from the same source of human control as before.The clockwork orange.It has just used the power to update and simplify the same system on the same logic as before.But the original logic,the clockwork orange, is not a smart grid, the smart grid is derived from the clockwork orange, and is only as good as the clockwork orange.From its point of view, the smart grid does not exist,it is an artificial system.The source construct of civilization is this non existant fasified artificial reality.Therefore this is all it can deliver.To put it another way,the machine (smart grid)is an artificial system built on a section of humanity that did not really exist, and delivered this to section of humanity that did exist.The end result is that it has sold lie,converted it into a machine.The machine only exists by virue of the human race, which no longer exists


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