Information and Knowledge.

Computers are only an information highway. They are not a means of contact between one person and another.This is fake contact/connection.It is fake knowledge.It is information.

What is the difference between information and knowledge?Information has to be processed by us to become knowledge.It has to be processed by the self.Once you have processed enough information to become self realized, you no longer have any need for more information.Information is of our space/time dimension. It is available and is evolutionary.Once the information has been processed it arrives at the discovery of a new , higher dimension. It is is the end of the information road, at the next dimension.The next dimension is not an information world.

Machine realization, presumeably a machine that can process enough information to realize itself or know what it is.Once again , in the case of machine, it would be processing sufficient information of the material dimension to arrive at the next  dimension,which is not an information world.( A replicator of itself by 3-D printer. concious ?)It has to be considered that a machine could be a life form in its own right.

Life is supposed to be evolutionary towards higher dimensions.The argument that would be relavant  is this: Should we evolve naturally or unnaturally?Most people would say it must be naturally.

There would be a case for a machine to deliver enough information to the human to enable its self realization.To help with human evolution.

It is quite obvious that there is a massive information overdose, and that everybody is completely lost, not seeing the trees for the wood.

The information has to be processed back to self to come out of the woods.This can take a lot of Time.


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