A.I Threat

People are worried about the machine/computers taking over. Even now they feel that the machine is aggressive and unfriendly towards us,and  out of control.

But the machine is only responding to the programning that we have put into it, so therefore we are being unfriendly and hostile to our society by the laws and programs we are delivering.It is they say, being used by MK Ultra mind control program.

But if we are worried about the future of A.I. we should look into its programning.As long as we are in control of this, we can have a say in the matter.

This should immediately be taken control of by humanity before  it is in charge of programming itself.

Looked at in the way life is programmed by  DNA, it could be said that the machine can be anything we want it to be by the self same idea as the DNA program.We can make it friendly or hostile.We can take way its licence to kill.It depends how we want to program it. We can alter its program and our own DNA program.

We can program it as god, Christ,  budha,radha-krisna.At the moment it is programmed as antichrist.

But definitely it should be bought out into the open for humanity to decide collectively how to program the machine.To look into whether or not this is still possible or too late.


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