Inteligence Device.

I call it "see itself technology".Smart technology.Our digital technology.

It is a technology with this capability and therefore is inteligent. i.e. Mensa.

And so is the science from whence it comes.An inteligence that can process this level of information , is a see itself intelligence of a mensa level.We are living in a world that requires a mensa intelligence to survive.The machine is such.Therefore the average man in the street cannot understand the technology. It may be user friendly enough to use , but it is beyond the understanding, of most people.

The machine , it would seem , will take over the human intelligence.IT.//AI.

We are using alien technology and science , so we can expect the machine to overtake human intelligence.Life forms on earth are  carbon based bio-chemical machines as well, so this is the trade off basically.Trading in our own machine to ET. for Hi_Tech. machine.

You can only get out of such a trade deal what you put in, you cant get more,so we can expect to get only ourselves back from the deal, if it is ourselves that we pay in.

Pointless,really.We should get rid of the smart grid and stay human beings.


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