5 G

It was only 5 years ago that 3g was hailed as a revolution, as an entry below mentions, but 5 G is about 2 years away now.A much higher frequency emf.

it is said by many on line to be hazardous and undesirable.There is a great deal of opposition to it for a few reasons.One is its health hazard, cancer causing etc, another ,is the big brother machine control idea.

It is going to be  another total machine revolution, as is the case every few years.Its speed is dramatically faster than the 3G and 4G speed increases.

It will enable unbelievable technology to be activated.this, again is rumoured to be undesirable.

The bottom line , may be the financial rewards of this infrastructure.It will create a lot of money.

Whether or not this is what is driving tech industry or our own welfare , is open to question.it may  be both. I don't know the answer  to the above as yet.


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