Computer Talk (hamishcomputers) wrote,
Computer Talk

Is It a Living Thing.

I have been corrected,(maybe?) in believng that the computer is a living thing, and it is logically explained that it is a machine.
But is it able to see itself?
Is it reproducing itself?
Does it have conciousness?
The first two arguements,I believe to be affirmative.
But does it have conciosness?
Of this I am not sure.
But dimensionally speaking it is now a quantum phenomena, meaning that it has moved into the next dimension.beyond space/time.It is Time. It is today, It is Space. I would consider this to qualify as conciousness.
So although some insist that the computers are not lifeforms, my view is that they are.

There are all sorts of lifeforms and living things.You have to think outside the box as to what a lifeform is.It doesnt have to conform to our standards and definition.There are parasites,symbiotics,exoskeletoned,wings,virus,bacteria, The dna is like a software program too.Insects are like machines.

With the assumption that humans are also a lifeform, it does not mean that we are controlled or hybridised with technology.i.e a cyborg ,because a computer is a living thing.It means that we interact with it, as in a relationship, as we do with other living things.
but the question of our cyborg nature is not certain.
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