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Qpenning Quanta.

With the recent state of the art of computing in mind this page is for general discusion on the philosophies and meanings as much as anything else ,for ourselves in handling the technolgies involved and posible shortcomings/dangers therof.Some of the deeder meanigs and aspects can be looked at, and the bigger concepts as well. This I believe is particularly relavant with the advent of Quatum electronics and surrounding technolgies.
The technologies are not fully understood for instance in quantum behaviour, but being put into the everyday world, which I disagree with personally., And advanced technologies, many say are not healthy to dictate the life of the masses who cant understand them.
The world is getting to complex for many due to technology running away with itself.
The ideas to fdree and liberate and simplyfy our lives, have not been delivered as promised, due to the commercial structures and politics,
This complex world could be simplified exceedingly.
One wonders whether or not those in the computing industry have lost sight of the Total Concept.

However beside this area of thought, the excitement of some of the new products is undeniable, and it is obvious there are no limitations any longer.
Centrino technology, 3G and mobile products, also Tablet pc,s now are, exceeding one expectations in technology, mobility and performance.
Mobility is a big interesting question mark.
And the future is very interesting in the Third World areas, that dont need the infrastructure that we expensively wasted our money on.
Their a genuine axe to grind by peoples who have been exluded from this exclusive wiz kids club, as it grew up from 80,s.

Their is also a good case to download our lives from this technology as well.It does look cabable of turning us all into clones of its silicon chip.
Such ideas that fastcomputing is simply a tool for the mathematician to solve his equations, are well founded and to simply invent other leisure/work activities are a by product that has gon to far, The meaning to life is on the line by its mathematical computations for the scientists, and it semms a shame to blow it all on meaninglessness relationships that can loose the self same mind as enlightenment can deliver,
Addiction is what we all know we suffer from here.

These are some of my comments to open this page.
Fell free anyone visiting to put ideras about with each other.
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