Computer Talk (hamishcomputers) wrote,
Computer Talk

ROUND 3 Star Wars Systems

Yes,indeed,the artificial inteligence system rests on the very same forensic condition that it is programned to eliminate.The fundemental target of the Star Wars defence system,is designed to eliminate the target errors produced by by schizophrenia, AND THUS CAN ONLY USE ITS NUCLEAR SYSTEMS TO DEFEND/ATTACK AN ACCURATELY..They eliminate human error.
Electronic systems are the/starwars defence.
The system were designed from work in goulags and mistakenly built into its systems schizophrenia.IT IS WORKING ON A FUNDEMENTAL PREMISE THAT DOES NOT EXIST.To launch an defence strike against an attack that has already taken place some considerable time ago,albeit on paper.There is no defence capabillity. It is a mugging. No wonder the rest of the world rejects a defence like this.It is a lie.It has built a militarey machine,that can guarentee to lose the war, AGAINST THE ENEMY. ABSURD.It can guarentee to defend its attacker. Presumeably Russia or China bought put this flaw into the system.
By definition the starwars defence machine cannot be compromized by human kind,
When built from goulag research it may or may not have known that the strike already had been delivered, Fundementally floored, and its system locked away from human hands,or interferrance.The nuclear strike would know to strike it,s own self.
Its seems absurd.Quite honestly I am sure Russia , for instance, would not want to buy USA defences nor would any one else.
It is programned to nuclear-anniahlate itself.So is the UK,(Europe?).
This is our military defence capablity,to blow ourselves up,in event presumeably of attack.

We are locked up in artifial cyberspace with no exit door ,wthout a human mind amongst the lot of us! Our computers are currently our masters, and we are simply pentagons military personnel keying in commands that are contrary to the computers military instructions,which are? To launch a nuclear strie on ourselves.This is a fact.To eliminate ourselves, by some means or other.
Pentagon/Microsoft direct military instructions.UK as well.
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